Pumphouse - Wood Fired Pizza & Tapas
The front view of The PumpHouse Restaurant + bar- Golf Course side
Pizza & Tapa's is served only between 5.00pm and 7pm 
Sunday nights)

Margherita                           21
Basil, fresh tomatoes, Mozzarella

Hawaiian                             22
Honey glazed ham, pineapple, tomato base, Mozzarella

Eggplant Parmigiana               23
Roasted eggplant, basil pesto, tomato, Mozzarella

BBQ Bonanza                        24
Glazed ham, Chorizo,  salami, chargrilled chicken, tomato base, Mozzarella

Prosciutto                             24 
Proscuitto, cherry tomatoes, tomato base, Mozzarella

Chicken Avo                        24
Oven roasted chicken, Avocado, Spanish onions, cracked pepper, Mozzarella,
Hollandaise, Parmesan, fresh rocket

New Orleans chicken & potato           24
Oven roasted chicken, fresh mushrooms, sliced potato, sweet chilli sauce,
Mozzarella, drizzle of sour cream & chives

Seafood delight                   24
Marinated garlic prawns, poached Atlantic salmon, capers, 
cherry tomatoes, Mozzarella

Lamb                                   25
Shredded lamb, feta cheese, rosemary, tomato, garlic yoghurt

Sweet finish to share.....

Banana & chocolate          22
Mascarpone, Ord River bananas, chocolate, cinnamon sugar
TAPAS     All at 15........
Lemon-chili pepper calamari
Roasted garlic aioli, lemon, parsley, red onion

Crispy BBQ chicken wings
Gem lettuce, house dressing

Chilli garlic & lemon prawns
Romesco sauce, tomato salad

Vegetarian spring rolls
Homemade with Thai dipping sauce

Slow braised beef short ribs
Sticky Asian glaze

dietary requirements will be catered to on request